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Kaylan Listach-Nienaber

I have always had a love for four things: children, children’s books, creativity, and art. I have loved art in every form. From photography, to nature, to writing and drawing, I am inspired by the creative mind. I have been a teacher for most of my adult life, teaching gifted students ranging in age from 3-7 years old. Teaching my students and wanting to meet every educational need they required pushed me to create for them.

 When I began teaching my very first year, I decided on a bumblebee theme for my classroom. I carried this on through my years of teaching. Somewhere along the way, my students began calling themselves my busy bees and I was their bee keeper. All throughout our days we worked hard, constantly moving, constantly learning, constantly creating. We have moved mountains in our tiny classrooms and we created from nothing, just as bees do. 

After work, many days, I would sit down and use writing as a creative outlet, not necessarily knowing where these stories would take me, but with hopes that one-day, my students would hear them. So today and the rest of my days, I say, "I specialize in books for the busy bees." I write for children all over the world to foster the imagination, inspire and to always remember my busy busy bees. 

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